MillionLeadsForFree is free to join. They allow you to send email ad messages to 5,000 leads daily. If you mail daily, you will have contacted 1,825,000 leads over the course of a year!

These are fresh leads that have all been confirmed and verified daily. Moreover, they have all logged in within the last 72 hours and have shown an interest in various online business opportunities and marketing solutions.

If you would like to mail to more than 5,000 leads, there are free and paid options available to you. At the highest level, you can send your ad messages to a maximum of 100,000 lead per day.

After joining, you will want to read the MLFF Tutorial. It will show you how to start posting your email messages. In addition to your 5,000 Daily Bonus leads, you can also mail to your personal referrals and downlines. Click the button below to start contacting these leads.

Getting The Best Results

When you post your ad message, don’t make the mistake of simply adding text and a link. The primary objective for the vast majority of these leads is to acquire their 5,000 leads so you want to draw their attention quickly.

This can be accomplished by posting an HTML formatted banner or splash ad. Center your post vertically and horizontally. You may also add an attention-getting headline above the  banner or splash ad.


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