Welcome to VisitorTraffic!

Traffic; more specifically, visitor traffic is the lifeblood of the Internet. Whether online or offline, every business “must have” the interaction of real live people.

Without them, there is no business. Every market has two necessary components — supply and demand. Businesses make up the supply side while people provide the demand side.

You, myself and everyone we know participate in one or more of these markets. Participation ranges from buying a box of Girl Scout cookies to making a purchase from suppliers in China and everything in between.

People can’t visit your website and pages if they don’t know about them and they won’t visit if you have nothing to offer them. Their reasons for shopping is all about their needs and desires.

Even giving a donation satisfies a need or desire. People generally feel good about themselves when they give. Those feelings (whatever they may be) become the product. Any tax deduction taken as the result of a contribution becomes a benefit of the transaction.

Marketing is a mix of human psychology, mathematics and art. The purpose of the VisitorTraffic site is to show you how to understand and master this delicate mix and get people (visitor traffic) interacting with you and your web properties.