It’s always good to have some idea of who you’re teaming up with. In that spirit, I have shared a little about myself below.

I got my start promoting and selling monthly BBS (Bulletin Board System) subscriptions. Members paid a fee each month to access and download games, utilities, business and other types of software.

In those days we used modems and phone-lines to create connections. A system with two modems and two telephone lines meant you could have two members logged in simultaneously.

BBS sites faded away with the advent of the World Wide Web in mid-1996. Before the curtains closed, I was running 64 lines (64 modems and 64 phone lines). My basement operation was earning more than $2,800 a month. After paying the phone company and other expenses, I was netting an average of $1,900 each month.

I am no guru and never claimed to be. I only create products that I feel can truly help my potential customers and clients solve problems.

I have always done this more because I love the minutia and intricacies of the industry. For me, the profits and earnings are a welcome bonus for doing what I love.

I’m retired now and still can’t stay away from it. No – it doesn’t consume my life. It enhances life by giving me the ability to pursue my other passions.

I sincerely hope I can help you find this same balance. It all starts with a commitment. If it was all as simple as they claim — none of this would be necessary.

To Your Success!