Visitor Traffic Sources & Methods

This category and sub-categories focus on sources of visitor traffic and methods that bring people to your web and blog pages. You will find a mix of both free and paid solutions.

Contrary to popular belief, free traffic is not free. It will cost you time. In the beginning, it’s a sensible trade-off. As your business grows and profits increase, free visitor traffic generation becomes less viable.

Eventually, your time will be worth far more than the cost of attracting visitors. At that point, it’s time to either outsource traffic generation or go exclusively with paid solutions.

Reality-Networkers Ads & Headlines

Reality-Networkers Headlines

These are the headlines from the RN member site. At RN, you can only see one headline at a time. Here, they are all in one place for easier access. Some of the ads will be posted soon, so check back.

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#21: Want low cost, but huge potential payout?
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#33: I want to take my 200+ downlines to join your program
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Welcome to SQTeam Support

I’m glad to have you as a team member!

This is the temporary home of the SuccessQuest Team. I have already purchased the domain I am now creating and acquiring content for the permanent site before it goes live.

Ultimately, we are all responsible for our own success. Despite what the slick sales letters and videos claim, NO ONE is going to operate and/or build your online business while you kick back and do little to nothing.

You should always assume that things are going to be just a tad bit more difficult than is portrayed in any sales copy. This will help to realign your mindset and expectations. In turn, it will help you avoid any frustrating situations that might cause you to throw in the towel.

If you are still hopping from project to project, also known as Shiny Object Syndrome. It also indicates lack of focus. Looking for the easy way out is what gets most people in trouble. This mindset also gives power to the sales and marketing material that sings out to you like a siren song.

Heck, I’ve been online since 1987 and I still get mesmerized by the hype and pageantry of well written sales copy and presentation. Long ago, in the 90’s, I too was searching for the elusive magic success formula. Needless to say, I never found. I did discover the power of commitment, focus, persistence and hard work.

I need team members who are prepared to commit to the SuccessQuest Team agenda. That is, focus keenly on one or two projects until you are earning consistent income of at least $500 per month.

By this time, you will have more knowledge, more discipline and more resources to pursue other online business and marketing endeavors. Of course, this doesn’t include active, profitable projects you already have going.

Now go check out the resources below. Not much right now, but I will be adding content every few days, so check back often. Also check out the About page to learn a little about me.


MillionLeadsForFree is free to join. They allow you to send email ad messages to 5,000 leads daily. If you mail daily, you will have contacted 1,825,000 leads over the course of a year!

These are fresh leads that have all been confirmed and verified daily. Moreover, they have all logged in within the last 72 hours and have shown an interest in various online business opportunities and marketing solutions.

If you would like to mail to more than 5,000 leads, there are free and paid options available to you. At the highest level, you can send your ad messages to a maximum of 100,000 lead per day.

After joining, you will want to read the MLFF Tutorial. It will show you how to start posting your email messages. In addition to your 5,000 Daily Bonus leads, you can also mail to your personal referrals and downlines. Click the button below to start contacting these leads.

Getting The Best Results

When you post your ad message, don’t make the mistake of simply adding text and a link. The primary objective for the vast majority of these leads is to acquire their 5,000 leads so you want to draw their attention quickly.

This can be accomplished by posting an HTML formatted banner or splash ad. Center your post vertically and horizontally. You may also add an attention-getting headline above the  banner or splash ad.